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    1. Megan Skalbeck

      Megan traffics in words. Whether that’s spinning up a story on the blog or paring down a conversation on the podcast, it’s all elementary math in the end: She adds, subtracts, multiplies for effect, and divides for readability. When she’s not helping words live their most meaningful life, she’s usually in the woods, in the ocean, on a rock, or on the road.

      Introducing: Yes, And Marketing

      By Megan Skalbeck / April 19, 2021 / Comments Off on Introducing: Yes, And Marketing

      Verblio’s podcast has a new look, name, and mascot. Please welcome… (underwater drumroll in space): Rebranding is Demanding While “The Verblio Show” was a great name for getting the podcast off the ground (and a full year of episodes!) we decided it was time for a name that tells people a *little* more about what…

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